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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is a doula

A doula is a non medical perinatal companion that assists you in your pregnancy goals. A doula can help with common discomforts in pregnancy (low back pain, resource lists to local specialists, nutritional changes, etc.). A doula also assists in labor support and applies comfort measures directly or instructs the partner how to perform them.

How many clients do you serve monthly?

I typically serve no more than 3 clients per month to be able to dedicate time to my families and use my back-up as rarely as possible.

Do you have a backup?

Yes! I keep several backups near my vicinity that will meet with my clients if i begin to suspect that I may not be able to attend the birth for whatever reason.

Do you support all births?

Yes! Wherever you support your birth I am there to support you -Home Birth -Birth Center -Hospital -Cesarean Section -Surrogacy -Multiples