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About Arahant 

“Arahant” (pronounced ahr-uh-hont) is a Far-Eastern word meaning “pinnacle of wisdom,” and that’s where we want to help put each of our customers – so that you may enjoy even greater business success today and into the future. Arahant’s mission is to help you to get “there” by providing advanced web-based software. Established in 2006, Arahant is a Franklin, TN-based company that is targeting successful companies of all sizes that need business automation and information integration without the huge price tag of large solutions.

The Arahant principals alone have nearly 50 years of combined experience meeting business automation needs and a long track record of success. We are always forward-looking, developing the most advanced RIA (Rich Internet Application), web-based software on the market – never looking backward, like so many software companies burdened by having to support their own outdated technology.

Arahant has the single best balance of cost, functionality, and flexibility available anywhere!